Collective Responsible Stewardship of Nature

Women Empowerment

To participate fully in Economic Life

Women Empowerment Blog

Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals.


Food Security

Access to Healthy Food and Optimal Nutrition.

Food Security Blog

At the core of food security is access to healthy food and optimal nutrition for all. Food access is linked to food supply, so food security is dependent on a healthy and sustainable food system.


Energy Efficient Sources

Reducing the Impacts of Climate Change

Energy Efficient Sources Blog

JCED promotes renewable and alternative sources, conservation, energy efficiency and clean fuels as solutions that will reduce the impacts of climate change.


Alternative Energy Sources

Solar in Schools, Clinics, Water Pumps

Alternative Energy Sources Blog

Wind, solar, and biomass are three emerging renewable sources of energy.



Stopping Deforestation

Reforestation Blog

Once heavily forested, Malawi is only about 20 percent covered by tree canopies, and the pace of deforestation is faster than almost anywhere else.


Community Mobilization

Achieving Sustainable Development

Community Mobilization Blog

We attempt to bring both human and non-human resources together to undertake developmental activities in order to achieve sustainable development.